Policy on Reservations and Orders

Inquiry flow

Please contact us by completing the necessary items in the inquiry form.

After receiving your order, we will send you back a response e-mail containing the delivery number consisting of 10 figures.
This number will be necessary in order to receive your product.
Please save the contents of the response e-mail or note your delivery number.

We will inform you of the stock availability.

Need a reservation

In case of stock available

We will keep your reserved product until the 3rd day from your scheduled visit date.

I need no reservation

We will inform you of the stock availability.

In case of Out-of-Stock

Order to maker

We will order your product to the maker.

Do not order to maker

Do not order to maker.

Of orders to maker

Even when there is no stock, your desired products can be ordered to the maker.

Products available in maker's stock
Can be received within 3-5 days.
Products not available in maker's stock
We will inform you of the next delivery date. If the delivery date is within your scheduled visit, we will prepare the product for you.

Please transmit the 10-figure delivery number to our staff to receive your product.
Applications for reservations are accepted within 3 months.

Reservations and orders are canceled 3 days later from their scheduled visit date.
This service is meant to support purchases from our store. It is not for Internet shopping.
Yoshida Kaban can't perform mail order sales to overseas.

If you desire more than one item, please fill in codes, colors and quantities in the "Other" column (up to 5 products/person)
Please understand that our shop might not be able to prepare your products, as they are Japanese products not intended for large-scale production.
Clients can receive their ordered products only within the opening hours (AM11:00 - PM8:00).
Closed on: Wednesdays
Please consult our business calendar for special holidays.

Novelties may differ each time.

Response may take 1-3 days depending on the contents of the inquiry.

In the unlikely case that you receive no response, please kindly contact us again.

All prices are without taxes.

Please close the browser tab to return to the reservation form.